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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


In our life internet is becoming as an essential need. It gives us a lot of knowledge.
We can visit sites like ISC. This is a great Educational portal. Quality of the contents is high. We can "Make Money" through current payment programs & Google Adsense revenue sharing .
Disadvantages of internet
. Adolescents visit pornographic sites & waste time.
. Cheating & spamming

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google Adsense

In the Google Adsense report there are seven columns.
Date Page impressions Clicks Page CTR Page eCPM [?] Earnings
What is the meaning of page impressions and clicks? When visitor view your page that is called page impressions.
when visitor click on ads that is called clicks?
1 ) Page Impressions: The number of times an ad unit (a collection of 1 to 4
ads). If you have two ad units on a page, then every time the page loads
you get two page impressions. Page Impressions DO include PSA (Public
Service Ads) and Alternate Ads.
2 ) Clicks: The number of times someone clicks on an ad. Clicks on PSA will
be included in this stat as well.
3 ) Earnings: Money you’ve made.
Derived Stats (Figures calculated from the real stats)
4 ) Clickthrough Rate: Clicks/Page Impressions. It is expressed as a
5 ) Effective CPM:. Earnings per thousand page impressions. Calculated by
1000 X Earnings / Page Impressions
6 ) EPC: Your EPC is not displayed because it does not really matter. EPC
stands for Earnings Per Click (Earnings/Clicks) and is frequently talked

earn from the internet

There are several ways to earn from the internet. But you have to remember that there is no special trick or quick rich set up to do this. If anyone says that they have a product that will let you earn while just sitting around after buying their program, then most likely its a scam. To earn from the internet takes effort and time as well as knowledge on how use the internet for your advantage. Blogging - this would be making post from time to time. You can place ads in your blog and earn from them.
Paid to click- there are several sites that pays you when you click some ads. Though they do not pay that high, but this is the easiest way since all you have to do is click.
Affiliate Marketing- certain sites will accept you as a member to become an affiliate marketer. You don't need to have a product of your own to sell. You simply sell the products of others and earn commission for every sale.
Article Writing- several sites pays you to write articles. You simply submit to the site articles that you write based on different categories and once accepted they will pay you depending on how good your article is.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Earn money

Yahoo answers should be given properly without spamming otherwise yahoo will delete answer. Answer education section related queries preferably as ISC gives preference to those. You can answer queries from other sections also. After answering, submit URL to ISC link section. It will be approved after 7-10 days. Depending on answer, you will get points which is equivalent to cash credits. While writing a blog, give a link to ISC resource. This brings traffic to ISC. Depending upon link, you will be given points & cash credits. Earn through google adsense, kontera. Write self written articles and quality resources. Post question papers, aptitude questions

Thursday, November 13, 2008

One can earn google adsense revenue if quality content is posted

Sunday, October 19, 2008

ISC is a wonderful website.Its a great educational portal.It is growing very rapidly.
We can post articles , etc.There are various sections- health,education,colleges,etc.One gets information about medical,engineering,science colleges.One can get old question papers,information about various courses-MBA,IAS.Various competitions like essay & blog writing,etc are arranged frequently.One can join site as free & earn money.Join with my referral URL -
Site's growth potential is good & everyday many new members are joining.Quality of the contents matters much than quantity. Post valuable contents and ISC will give cash points.
For new members-Please First Go through these links
1)New Member's FAQ
2)Current Payment Programmes in ISC
3)Get Free Tips to increase your Adsense Revenue and learn various feature of ISC.Click "Make Money" link in the menu bar at the top, you can look after all the current payment programs.The main revenue will be a revenue given by ISC in coordination from Google Adsense revenue sharing program. For each and every contributions in this site, in all your pages ISC will place google ads and Google will pay you directly when any of visitors clicking ads in your pages. For getting eligible to this programme, you must be a silver level member and then you need to get approval from google and then from ISC. You will be approved only by considering quality of posts .
              Adult contents are not allowed.
Once Rs 1000 get accumulated on a member's name ,amount will be paid